Little Blue Book

for iPhone

Little Blue Book is an app for managing your Facebook friends and creating friend lists.

Facebook and friend lists

Facebook has a feature named friend lists, which allows you to make status updates, notes and photos visible only to selected groups of friends. This feature is invaluable in a world where Facebook contacts contain people from different spheres, and allows one to keep different circles of friends and acquaintances informed without boring, annoying or being misunderstood by other people.

Unfortunately, the friend list feature is only as good as the lists you make. A list which omits users it should contain, or contains users who do not belong on it, is worse than useless. And while Facebook lets you make the lists on its web site, maintaining them and ensuring their accuracy can be a hassle.

Which is where Little Blue Book comes in.

With Little Blue Book, you can:

Checks—making friend lists simple

It's a fact of human nature that people will, from time to time, forget or miss things. With Little Blue Book, you can set up checks—automatic rules, which your friend lists should follow, and be warned if they don't. For example, you can make a check that no friend can be in both "Coworkers" and "Non-coworkers", or that everybody in "Best Friends" must also be in "Good Friends". That way, if you add a user to Best Friends but forget about adding them to Good Friends, Little Blue Book will notify you and let you fix this with a few taps. So you can rest assured that your lists are consistent, and your posts will be visible to exactly the friends you want.

Little Blue Book for iPhone is available from the App Store; get it here.